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What are your General Height Recommendations?

Understanding what are your general height recommendations for portable walls can make a big difference when choosing a divider

Movable partition walls create classrooms in a school gym

We usually say the lower the ceiling, the higher the divider should be. The exact opposite is true in rooms with tall ceilings. In a gymnasium, people usually want to go as tall as they can. But our recommendation is that the taller the ceiling, the lower the partition should be, but no lower than six feet. If a gym has 18 or 20-foot ceilings, adding another foot or two to the divider really does not make that much of an impact.

You can easily watch what the kids are doing when taking tests with this size unit as well. It gives them a sense of privacy, while at the same time lets you monitor their progress. Room dividers can offer a visual barrier.  If one child (or adult) can’t see one another during class, they cannot be distracted by that person. In this regard, much like ourselves, all dividers are equal. For Sunday school and adult classes, six-foot dividers or taller are the most popular.

It is easy to make more rooms for temporary (or semi-permanent) use as needed within the church or school. Tackable, sound-absorbing dividers easily roll into place, unfold accordion-style, and can be set up in any configuration as needed.

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