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Room Planning Help and Ideas

Room Planning Help and Ideas

Screenflex Room Planning Help and Ideas are Free

Room Planning Help and Ideas

From the Room Planning Department: Do you want to make corners with Screenflex Room Dividers? The solution is easy!

Here are two illustrations showing corners. Diagram “A” shows that by positioning dividers at right angles, a gap is created where the end frames meet. In “B” you’ll see that the solution is to make corners with “bends” at hinged points between panels. No gaps!  Optional multi-unit connectors secure dividers together to create one continuous wall.

Screenflex offers a free design service to help you make the most of your space.  We keep your budget in mind and lay out the best use of space.  A drawing is provided so you can visualize one or more layouts.  There is no charge for this service. We offer it to our customers and dealers as a courtesy.



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