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Ways to Minimize White Noise

Fabric panels hang on walls to absorb ambient noise in a roomWhat is White Noise?

The best way to explain white noise is that it is not a noise at allIt is actually a sound frequency one hears as a gentle hiss.  Like the sound of wind rustling through trees or ocean surf.  Any sound is created by using the entire spectrum of frequencies the human ear can hear.

We can digitally create white noise by tuning and adjusting all the sound frequencies to generate equal amounts of each frequency. This creates a soothing sound signal known as white noise.

There are many ways to cut white noise.  Yes! Adding draperies or carpet can help to minimize white noise. Room dividers are sound absorbent by nature, but they’re by no means soundproof.

If a multipurpose room has eight foot ceilings, customers typically go for 7’4″ high dividers for a couple of reasons: first, they’re cutting off 90 percent of the gap between the floor and the ceiling; second, that eight inches at the top still allow plenty of room for ventilation and for lighting to carry over from one section to another.

Then again, contrary to popular thought, the more classes happening in an area, the less sound becomes an issue. If someone is teaching on one side of the room, people on the other side could listen in if they really, really wanted to. But if there are 5, 10 or 20 classes going on, you couldn’t hear what’s going on if your life depended on it. It’s just like when people come out of church on Sunday. There might be a dozen conversations going on around them, but it all becomes like buzzing bees or white noise.



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