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Ways to Minimize Noise in the Classroom

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Student artwork is hung a portable wall that creates a classroom in the corner of a large room

It is easy to understand why students find themselves distracted in noisy classrooms.  From the stimulation of the computers to the classroom chatter, distractions can lead to lower student performance and test scores.

There are simple and effective ways to diminish distractions in classrooms to improve productivity.

  1. Use classroom dividers to create learning pods.  Portable walls can be arranged to set up computer stations.  A 4-foot high room divider is enough to separate computer distractions from the view of students engaged in other classroom activities.
  2. Arrange sound absorbing panels around the top perimeter of the classroom.  Not only do these fabric panels dampen ambient noise in the classroom, but they also serve as bulletin boards to display artwork or classroom material.
  3.  Utilize bean bags or soft chairs.  These flexible surfaces absorb sound waves and prevent them from carrying throughout a classroom.
  4. Drapes on the windows.  This sounds a bit old-fashioned but drapery can add color to a space as well as absorb sound.  Be sure to clean the drapery during school breaks.

From noise canceling room dividers to soft fabric furniture achieving a tranquil space for learning is achievable.

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