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Room Dividers Best Customer Stories of the Year!

I enjoy looking back at the images Screenflex customers sent in on how they use their dividers.  I especially appreciate all of the fabulous stories. These photos are great for customers like you, who are looking for real life examples of how room dividers will work in facilities like yours.

To see our room dividers in action, I’ve gathered lots of stories and I have had the pleasure to talk with you and listening to the creative ways you are using your room dividers. Our dividers are simple which allows for lots of creativity. Really, whatever works best for you. Teachers for classrooms, dancers for dressing rooms, airports for crowd control and hospitals for privacy! Anything and in any shape.

Something fun we tried in 2012 was asking you the question, What would you put behind your room divider? Out of all the fun stories and comments we received, my favorites include a woman who said she would put her husband behind the divider and a teacher who said she would put herself behind the divider when staff was looking for volunteers for clean up crew. All of us enjoyed all the creative and fun comments you all left.

We have compiled some photos and stories for you. Here are 5 great stories of 2012 that demonstrate the power of room dividers!

1.  Room Dividers For Distraction Free Learning. A little trick to keep the kids engaged!

2. Are Freestanding Dividers Set Up In A Gym Soundproof? Check out the absorption qualities of our dividers!

3.  Room Dividers are Safe Around Lighting, Sprinklers, Heating and A/C. This story shows on of our favorite colors!

4. My Church is Growing, I Need Some Room Dividers Now! Perfect temporary classroom!

5. Why Every Art Department Has to Have These. Staple for your art department!

The photo above was received a couple of weeks ago. It is one of my favorites and fits perfectly as 2012 comes to and end. It shows the versatility of Screenflex Room Dividers. Dividers to create a room, divide a space for a back drop as well as a wall for crowd control. I love seeing the versatility of the same divider in three different ways all in one photo!

Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year!

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