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Can Room Dividers Provide Easy Access To Stored Items and Create More Storage?

Room Dividers Make Accessing Stored Items A Pleasure

Storage spaces are extremely important to all of us whether it be in our home or at our place of business. I don’t think I have ever heard someone complain that they had too much storage. Our typical “beef” is not having enough storage for all of the things we need to store.

Many customers find that when storage is scarce, supplies and “junk” can start to pile up in the back of the room. Some of you have expressed that it’s hard to obtain a neat and organized space when you don’t have a closed off area for your materials. So what should we do with all of the “stuff”?

With just two Screenflex Room Dividers, a company in Minnesota created an adjustable temporary storage space that could hide their materials, as well as access everything with ease. Room Dividers are not only simple, but most  importantly, versatile. Take a look…

After Room Dividers Create A Storage Area

Room Dividers Create the Perfect Storage Spot for Supplies.

This is one of our favorite photos that we’ve received. When you get a photo with 9 smiling faces, and they are  holding a huge “thank you” sign, it really makes your day! This supply area looks great now. Supplies are easy to access and safe behind the dividers. Just pull back the divider to get to any or all of the storage area. These photos below shows how simple it is to access your stored items.

Room Dividers Hide Supplies and allow for easy access to stored items

Room dividers are great for creating a nice wall/storage area. Pull the divider back easily to get to any stored items.

Room Dividers work great when you want to divide your space in two. Create any size storage area and expand or reduce the storage space as needed.

If you have an unsafe or unsightly area you’d like to hide but still have easy access to stored items, talk to one of our plan designers to come up with the best options for your room.

Divide Rooms • Reduce Noise • Display Materials

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