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Popular use of Room Dividers

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How do we use Room Dividers? The most popular use for room dividers

The open room in your church is used for more than Sunday School classes and child care, much more! If your open room had a job description, the very last item on the page would likely be other duties as assigned!  Thus, the third most popular use of Room Dividers within churches is to help churches and administrators manage the use of the multipurpose room.

The most popular use for room dividers in a school

The most popular use of room dividers in a school

Sometimes two, three, or four members or groups need to use the room at the same time, especially on weekends. Depending on the size of your room, room dividers can easily be used to help make sure that multiple groups can efficiently use the same room at the same time without interfering with each other. Likewise, the flexibility/ease of use features of the dividers factor greatly in how simple it is (or isn’t) to create variable size rooms for the groups. Certainly, a small group of half-dozen members who wish to discuss a book they all recently read does not need the same size room as someone who is having a baby or wedding shower. The same is true for ministry or users. The names of the user groups may change, but the concept is the same. Room dividers can be a huge help in managing the space needs in your multipurpose room and help make your life easier.

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