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Room Dividers in the Church Provide Extra Space

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Room Dividers in the Church Divide the Classroom Into Multiple Rooms Screenflex Room Dividers ~ Myriad of uses for room dividers in the church ~ What’s yours?

I’ve seen our Room Dividers perform a myriad of other useful functions in churches over the years, including to provide extra space. Welcome/bulletin boards, backdrops for speakers or the church play, hide construction debris, provide privacy for nursing mothers, help guide traffic flow, you name it. One clever youth group in Little Rock actually used their dividers to create a maze as part of their Haunted House during Halloween season. However, the three most common uses of Room Dividers remain:

1) To create Sunday School classrooms.

2) Divide any open room into smaller rooms daily for the child care ministry. What better way to meet families’ needs in your community than inviting children and families into a church-sponsored daycare?

3) Set up various size rooms for other uses/groups as needed. If churches want to minister to families, this should be the entire congregation’s goal.  Church leaders should think about a room’s functionality. How can it help build ministries? What is the cost of maintaining a room/structure for many purposes?

So if you want your facility to provide extra space, consider one of the many uses for room dividers in the church. The more versatile your tools are, the better off you’ll be in the long run!

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