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Airport uses for Room Dividers

Airport security has become essential for travelers around the world. How do Screenflex Room Dividers play a role in airport security? Our durable room dividers provide a secure area for luggage screening, passenger screening, and crowd control. Wherever the need for division, Screenflex Room Dividers can be rolled into place on self-leveling caster wheels to create a stable and sturdy wall. Simply roll your Screenflex Room Divider into the space needing separation, unlock the latch, open the accordion style walls, lock the end caster wheels into place and enjoy your divided space. Airports can prevent passengers from wandering into terminals not in use by securing the area with room dividers. Once the terminal is open, simply close the room divider walls and roll them to another location. The room dividers fold securely into a 2'x3' space while not in use. Additionally, we offer a clear acrylic room divider panel that is ideal for areas where division and vision are needed.

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