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Portable Maintenance Safety Screen

The Location

Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport

The Challenge

Maintenance Safety Barrier

The Solution

Airport design often resembles the style and appeal of a shopping mall.  Stores, food, and gathering places for passengers to relax have become a staple. Along with appeal, safety is the utmost importance for air passengers.  As part of their efforts to maintain a safe environment for passengers, the Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport Utilizes Screenflex Portable Room Dividers to create a safety barrier around construction. Pictured here, the room divider prevents passengers from coming in contact with broken floor tile.  Also, workers can repair the tile behind the screen without disrupting passengers.  When the repair is complete the room divider is rolled away for another use. The self-leveling wheels help keep the room divider stable and sturdy on uneven surfaces.  As an added feature, Screenflex offers you the opportunity to have your logo factory applied to your portable safety screens.

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