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Library Art Show Display

The Location

Laurel County Public Library

The Challenge

Art display walls that can be moved throughout our library

The Solution

The Adult Programs Manager of Laurel County Public Library knew the library had a need for a backdrop for the many programs they host as well as a need for a versatile display for their art and photography showcase.

The library worked with our experienced sales representatives to find the most cost-effective solution to the art display needs.

The librarians moved the dividers into a portion of the library to create a family-friendly Comic-Con display.  Once in position, the divider was unlocked, opened, and decorate to create the perfect selfie backdrop for guests to enjoy.

The creativity didn’t stop there.  Upon receiving their Screenflex Room Divider shipment, the librarians were impressed by the excellent packing and handling of the unit that was provided.  “The library staff was impressed by the quality and versatility of the items and they started brainstorming all of the ways they could repurpose the excellent packing boxes,” adds Adult Program Manager, Gwen.  This image shows the cityscape photo background as it was being created with the packing material.  under construction. The cardboard packing box was opened and laid flat.  Additional packing pieces (that stabilize the divider during transit) were hot glued to the panel to provide a 3-dimensional look to the cityscape.

For more information on how Screenflex Portable Room Dividers can assist you in providing the library art show display, you desire, contact a sales representative at 800-553-0110 or via live chat on our website

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