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9 panel 16'-9"

Photos of 9 Panel Room Divider in use

Our 9 panel room divider is ideal for managing any size room.  The panels can be easily opened to required length needed to divide your space.  Screenflex room dividers also provide you with the greatest flexibility to change any space to accommodate your needs,  Whether its to absorb sound, display information, provide storage areas, or create classrooms, we have a room divider to meet your needs.  Our 9 panel room divider is 16 feet 9 inches in length and comes in six heights ranging from 4 feet to 8 feet tall.  Our 9 panel room dividers are available in any of our 38 fabric or vinyl choices.  Our accordion-style partitions have been used and loved by many happy clients due to their high-quality materials and design. The versatility of our products makes them useful for almost anyone; they’re great room dividers for churches, schools, and corporations.  Satisfying your needs is how we are on the way to having more than 250,000 Screenflex portable walls in the marketplace, including customers near you.

Wait Staff Privacy Screen

Screenflex Room Dividers ~ A Solution for a Temporary Food Prep Area for Wait Staff To keep the wait staff…

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Computer Lab Training Rooms

Screenflex Room Dividers ~ The Solution for Creating a Computer Lab in a Media Center As media centers become less about…

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Room Dividers Create Classrooms in Crowded Schools

Crowded schools are an unfortunate fact of life. Accordion folding dividers help school administrators make the best use of their…

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Daycare Learning Centers Use Portable Walls to Divide Large Spaces

 More Views of How a Busy Daycare Learning Center Uses Temporary Walls/ Dividers When this new daycare came to us…

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PetSmart Corporate Office Uses Screenflex Portable Walls to Design a Marketing Plan

  Employees at a PetSmart meeting tack advertisement to an office room divider Corporate Office Storyboard ~ Screenflex Room Dividers Petsmart…

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Screenflex Portable Walls Create Four High School Classrooms

Screenflex Room Dividers ~ Temporary High School Classrooms As school libraries shift from books to offering more technology, schools see…

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Setup a Confirmation Class Meeting Room Wherever Needed with Room Dividers

Screenflex Room Dividers ~ Temporary Room for a Confirmation Class The staff at this local church needed to locate additional space…

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Instant Classroom Anywhere

A church multipurpose room needs to be both formal (for meetings and banquets) and informal (for daycare and sports). With…

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Private Meeting Space for Hotel Management Team

This hotel management team was tired of looking for a private meeting space for their weekly planning management meetings.  The…

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Portable Dry Erase Board Create an Instant Classroom

Complete the use and look of any portable classroom with the optional Screenflex Portable Dry Erase Board.  This 36'x42" dry…

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