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The Location

Preschool Classrooms

The Challenge

Preschool classrooms in a church basement

The Solution

A church multipurpose room needs to be both formal (for meetings and banquets) and informal (for daycare and sports). With this in mind, there are several things to consider when constructing and decorating this space.  First and foremost is the ability to transform the room in minutes from one function to another.  Screenflex dividers aid in transforming the space in minutes.  For instance, dividers can be used to hide sports equipment when not in use as well as to separate the space into smaller decorative rooms for meetings or classes.  Secondly, consider the style of flooring in the room. Flooring should be functional for sports and yet easy to clean for banquets.  Thirdly, lighting should be bright and tight to the ceiling to prevent breakage from flying balls.  And lastly, wall treatments. If windows are added to the space be sure they are away from basketball hoops and high enough that they won’t get damaged.  Most importantly, it is important to see how Screenflex Room Dividers transforms a multipurpose room into a viable and usable space.

Screenflex Room Dividers ~ Instant Classroom Space

Sturdy, durable and long-lasting, Screenflex portable walls are available in 6 heights and 6 lengths and 38 color choices. Units ship fully assembled and ready to use. Manage the space in your facility with Screenflex. Call us today at 800-553-0110 for a quote or to get a list of customers in your area.


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