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Flexibility and Acoustics with Screenflex's Flexible Acoustical Divider

The Location

Early Education Centers

The Challenge

In need of collaboration and individual privacy while addressing acoustic challenges

The Solution

A fast-growing national chain of early education centers, known for its commitment to creating dynamic and interactive learning environments, had a need for flexible and adaptable spaces to accommodate various activities and foster collaborative learning.  

Screenflex’s Flexible Acoustical Divider emerged as a potential solution to address these challenges. The adjustable and curved partition, standing at 6’6” in height and 8’ in length, promised to provide the required flexibility to transform a single large space into smaller sections when needed. With three customizable color options, the dividers allowed the facility to integrate them seamlessly with the existing decor, creating a visually appealing environment. 

The Dividers were strategically placed in key areas of the learning center, such as the multipurpose hall and large classrooms. They allowed the institution to create separate learning spaces during lectures, workshops, and collaborative activities. The curved design contributed not only to visual aesthetics but also helped in optimizing acoustics, minimizing noise disruption in different sections. 

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