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Student Art Showcase Panels

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The Location

Elbert County Elementary School

The Challenge

Showcase Student Artwork

The Solution

Schools are not only an important source of education but also an essential staple for a community. For this reason, schools will throw events for parents, friends, and family members to support the students and foster a community. An example of these types of events is none other than a student art show. To showcase their student art, the Elbert County Elementary School educators used portable Screenflex display panels.

As shown, the product this school ultimately chose was the six-panel Display Tower. These panels are excellent for a student art showcase as a freestanding, portable option. The unique butterfly design adds a creative element to the display in addition to the work itself. Each of the panels on the tower contains a tackable fabric that can withstand multiple usages for a long shelf life. While many fabric colors are available, the black used in this scenario helps make the artwork pop. Resting on self-leveling casters, these display panels move easily to the desired section of the room. The towers also fold into a compact space for when storage is necessary. In general, these panels offer the school flexibility regarding art shows and other student events.

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