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Church Multipurpose Room Play Areas

The Location

Church Day Care

The Challenge

Create several rooms within one larger room

The Solution

The multipurpose room in your church provides you with various uses for your congregation. When you have the right tools, these spaces can also provide your people with several activities, all at once. For example, this church has a multipurpose room dedicated to several play areas in the same space. Screenflex Portable Room Dividers then separate these play areas. As shown, while these partitions are freestanding and portable, they give the same feel as actual walls. The panels fold accordion-style, which allows the 90-degree angle shown that looks like the corner of a room.

Dividing areas in the church multipurpose room doesn’t have to only be for play, though. These rooms also work great for Bible studies, Sunday school classrooms, and other fellowships. Inside each panel is a honeycomb core that helps absorb pockets of extra sound. While this feature won’t make these individual spaces completely soundproof, it will help absorb excess echoes and enhance white noise. The best part is that when you temporarily need a new setup for a different event, these walls can collapse into a compact 2 ft by 3ft space for storage. By adding portable room dividers to your church’s toolbelt, you give your space the most amount of options.

Divide Fellowship Space • Reduce Noise • Display Materials

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