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Church Daycare Play Area

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The Location

Calvary Baptist Church- Covington, KY

The Challenge

Safely enclose a play area in church

The Solution

It’s no secret that little kids are rambunctious and have a tendency to wander. For this reason, it’s a good idea to enclose an area to let them safely play while adults supervise nearby. While some will dedicate a whole room to this purpose, it’s simply not feasible in all facilities. One solution that Calvary Baptist Church came up with was to combine shelves and portable walls around the daycare play area. These church leaders reached out to Screenflex for the perfect divider partitions for their needs.

As shown, the leaders at Calvary Baptist Church sectioned off a corner of their room as a dedicated play space. By placing a combination of shelves and dividers next to each other at a right angle, they could partially surround the area and create a physical boundary. This dividing line partition walls and shelves at a low height allow kids to play while adults still have clear visibility. The four-foot Screenflex Standard Dividers are perfect for any daycare setting in either a church or elsewhere. Not only can the average adult see over these partitions, but the Standard Dividers can absorb excess noise in the room as well. With kids running around and playing, it’s safe to say that you want partitions that both create a physical barrier and absorb sound. 

Our contact at Calgary Baptist recommends Screenflex to anyone who needs it and said they are delighted with their products. 

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