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Church's Sanctuary Needs Extra Space

The Location

Church Sanctuary

The Challenge

Create Extra Space in a Church Sanctuary

The Solution

As a pastor or any other church leader, you know that your space is always evolving. Sometimes your church’s sanctuary can fit all of your members, and other times it needs extra space. Typically, after a Sunday service, your church members want a place to gather and catch up with each other. Sometimes this can include consuming coffee or small pastries while people chat. However, to keep your sanctuary tidy, it’s best to keep the food out of it. For this reason, you should create your own breakout space in the back of the room with portable and temporary walls.

Screenflex church dividers work great to partition your facility. As shown, they can help you easily separate your worshipping space from everything outside of it. With multiple heights, lengths, and colors to choose from, these portable walls work great for any church. The doors on these pictured units create an organized entrance and exit. By adding a seating area outside of the partitions, you can fulfill your church’s sanctuary needs by creating extra space. In times when the temporary wall is not necessary, the partitions easily fold accordion-style and can compactly store out of sight.

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