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Private Reading Area in Kids' Room

The Location

Gateway Church- Parkesburg, PA

The Challenge

Limit distractions in a childcare room for reading

The Solution

A classic tool for youth enrichment is none other than the tried and true staple: a book. For public space, kids generally need somewhere private for a reading area to limit distractions from their environment. Gateway Church in Parkesburg, Pennsylvania recognizes this privacy need and created a partially closed-off section of their kids’ room for reading. They were able to create this space by framing Screenflex portable partitions around the dedicated area, essentially creating another room within their larger space.

Their Screenflex Standard Divider is not connected to the wall, creating easy adaptation as the needs change. As shown, this freestanding partition is shaped with a slight angle at the end for more privacy. Gateway Church also decorated one side of the portable room divider by covering each panel with construction paper. These church leaders were able to accomplish this because of Screenflex’s tackable fabric. If they ever wanted to change the design, they could do so easily without damage to the panels. In addition to this reading area being private, it is also comfortable for the students with these personalized decorations.

In the video below, our customer, Jonny tells us more about their “beautiful” product and how it benefits their space.

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