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Divide a Large Parish Hall

The Location

Christ Our Redeemer Catholic Church- Niceville, FL

The Challenge

Divide a classroom in four different ways

The Solution

For a large room in your facility that needs breaking apart, we suggest using room dividers. Christ Our Redeemer Church had a large parish hall to divide for additional classroom space. These church leaders experienced a lot of growth in their programs and needed to accommodate their space for it. They contacted Screenflex for their room division needs and found the perfect solution.

This church ordered four of Screenflex’s Standard Partitions that they can use in various ways. While initially intended for one specific program, the community eventually started to use them for every event held in their hall. These events included formal dinners, parties, and even Sunday school classrooms. The portable walls help divide their large parish hall and are also sometimes used for decorated backdrops. Using a temporary wall helps the church leaders frame the space and make it look more intentional. The community at the church gives nothing but praise about these room dividers in the sense of quality, ease of use, and flexibility.

These partitions allow the church to adapt its space in countless ways. For an ever-evolving church, this tool in their toolbelt has been essential.


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