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Small Group Kids' Space in Church

The Location

Bible Baptist Church- Howell, MI

The Challenge

Separate kids play space from another seating area

The Solution

Our room dividers continue to be an essential tool in any church’s facility. Bible Baptist Church needed the separation in their basement multipurpose room for a kids’ area and a small group meeting space. By reaching out to Screenflex for their divisional space needs, these church leaders were able to find an excellent solution.

The partitions in question are the Screenflex Standard Room Dividers. This product is the best seller in Screenflex’s catalog, and it’s easy to see why. These temporary walls are portable and durable, which means they are manufactured to have a long shelf-life. Also, inside each panel is a cardboard honeycomb core that helps trap pockets of excess sound. Any sound absorption is helpful regarding a kids’ play area or small group meeting space. Additionally, the tackable fabric covering the partitions makes pinning signage or art incredibly simple.

Since Bible Baptist uses this space for a kids’ play area, the durability of the Screenflex dividers was a huge selling point. The kids play dodgeball and other physical activities in the space, yet the room dividers “stand the test of time,” as our contact, Nathan Carpenter, says in the video. See the full video below to learn more about portable walls and how they can help a church facility.


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