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Church Recording Studio in Classroom

Market: Religious
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The Location

Buford Church of Christ, GA

The Challenge

Sound absorption and good acoustics

The Solution

Online streaming and video chats have become a critical element everywhere in the modern era. Since this technology has become more common, businesses, churches, and other public entities typically try to make their video streaming as professional as possible. This church wanted better acoustics and a visually simple background as a recording studio to enhance the quality of their videos. They realized they could accomplish this feat by simply adding a Screenflex Portable Room Divider to their space.

As shown, Buford Church has its Standard Room Divider shaped at a right angle, creating the illusion of the space being its own room. The panels of these partitions have a honeycomb core to trap pockets of sound. There is also extra sound absorption when placed at a 90-degree angle like this. Although there is no such thing as a completely soundproof portable room divider, it can help deaden excess noise. Since these partitions are easily movable, they can quickly change around the space for other needs. In general, this acoustically prepped church room is perfect for a recording studio. Our contact at Buford Church said they are pleased with their new space, thanks to their dividers.

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