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Church Hangout Area

The Location

Local Church

The Challenge

Create a Semi-Private Hangout Area for Teens

The Solution

Many churches have planned activities such as fellowships, bible studies, and other social/educational groups. When a specific church has a significant teen population as a part of the community, designating a hangout area for them can help them feel more welcome. This space can either be a separate room or an area in a large open space, as shown above. To create your place within the church, use portable room dividers to surround a particular area. Screenflex partitions can help.

The Standard unit shown above comes in 36 different heights and lengths and can fit most church spaces. The divider rests on self-leveling casters that can quickly move from room to room. The corner casters along the bottom of the end frame also lock to keep the partition in place. This portable wall folds accordion-style, which creates versatility in shaping the room. It can curve in a semi-circle, straight line, or zig-zag pattern. Each panel contains a honeycomb core that absorbs sound while remaining relatively lightweight. The fabric is also tackable so the teens in this church hangout area can tack decorations to and make the space more their own as well.

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