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Jesus Culture Youth Ministry Design

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The Location

Jesus Culture

The Challenge

Youth Ministry Classrooms

The Solution

We couldn’t be more excited to partner with Jesus Culture as they opened their new plant church in Sacramento.  Jesus Culture is known as an American international Christian revivalist youth outreach ministry that was formed at the Bethel Church.  Hundreds of thousands of people flock to their yearly conferences for ministry and worship ideas.  But God was calling them to start their plant church.  They were blessed to locate a large open building, but any construction of walls was out of the question.  Our sales team member, Kim, worked with the Jesus Culture staff to design an open concept of youth space that provided them with semi-private classrooms for small groups to meet after worship.  They utilized our free design space services to envision what their new space would look like and ensure the purchase of the right number and size room dividers.  Additionally, Jesus Culture added a mural on both sides of the dividers, Jesus Culture on one side, and Game Changers (the name of their youth group) on the other side.  This personalized space was a game changer in providing classrooms for their growing youth ministry.




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