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How Do I Move My Room Dividers From One School To Another?

Transporting Your Room DividersTransporting Your Room Dividers

We received an inquiry from a recent customer who asked how they should move their room dividers to another building if necessary. Thanks for asking this question Minnesota! Here’s your answer:

On an occasion, it might be necessary for your room divider to be transported from one building to another. Since your moving room divider comes fully assembled in very secure packaging, you might be wondering if it’s possible to move your partition by vehicle to another building. The answer is yes. You should be able to pack up and move your room divider without any problems by following some simple tips.

Many portable churches require frequent transportation and the set up of their room dividers. Following a few simple instructions before transporting your dividers will help make your move as easy as 1,2,3.

Tips For Transporting Your Moving Room Dividers Safely And Easily

  1.  Always make sure your divider is latched closed before moving it. Even when you are moving your divider from one room to another, be sure that your divider is latched closed before moving it. Pulling a closed divider is easy and safe allowing a nice visual sight path.
  2. While transporting your divider, make sure that your divider remains upright and in a closed position. The divider will click closed to store.
  3. Use a luggage strap to keep the panels from twisting and turning.
  4. If you are manually moving your divider, use a 2 wheel hand cart along with a luggage strap.

Your divider should transport easily when following these tips. We do not recommend transporting your divider horizontally because your divider will be unable to sit flat in any vehicle which can lead to damage to your unit.

When moving a mobile display tower, it will lay flat so horizontal transportation is all right.

Using a moving room divider will give you the flexibility to add any shape of the room in seconds due to its ability to bend. Room dividers store in a compact 2.5″-3″ footprint and store in a closet or the corner of your room. Select your height, length, and color to complement your surroundings. Solve visual and sound distractions with only one room divider. Enjoy!


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