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Maximizing Classroom Space Efficiently With 6 Easy Tips

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Classrooms around the country continue to undergo a fundamental change.  Hence, today, technology is a mainstream in most US classrooms. As personal devises and computer labs take over the classrooms, the design of the classroom must change. In response, educators need to explore ways to maximize the use of their classroom space to make room for 21st-century teaching tools.  To accommodate the need for flexible classroom space, administrators are thinking outside the box.  Here, Screenflex has outlined six simple steps to help in maximizing classroom space efficiently.  This includes adequate storage, sufficient lighting, dividing the room with room dividers to create learning pods and to stay organized.

6 Tips For Getting The Most Of Your Classroom Space Design ~Maximizing Classroom Space Efficiently

6 steps to maximizing classroom space efficiently

Divide Classrooms • Reduce Noise • Display Materials

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