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Do You Need Sound Absorbing, Portable, Storable, Flexible Walls?

Classroom room dividers are flexible and versatile

So you’re in the market to purchase portable wall dividers for your classroom, but you are not sure what to look for. Take a look at these five important features that your dividers should include to make dividing your room an effortless and enjoyable task.

Sound Absorption

Schools and churches love our dividers for our sound absorbing panels. Panels can absorb up to 65% of sound. Our honeycomb core helps to trap sound creating a better environment for your students. One of our customers uses our dividers to absorb noise from a help desk during flute concerts.


36 room divider sizes

Wheel your portable walls anywhere. Self-leveling casters accommodate most floor surfaces including uneven floors. One of the reasons our client Mudd Advertising chose Screenflex is our portability. Dividers are easily wheeled from one part of Mudd’s building to the other. Dividers even fit in their elevator.

Easy to Store

Even our longest Standard room dividers can fit into a footprint of about 2′ x 3′. Dividers nest together for even more space savings.


Create any size or shape room for your room dividing needs with 36 size combinations. Fold a panel back to take out 22″. Dividers fit any size wall or room.

Art Display Room DividerDisplay Panels

Panels are tackable and accept staples, pins, and tacks. display artwork, or just about anything on your divider panels.

Enjoy your universal space dividers.




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