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Today’s organizations have needs as distinct and varied as the industries and clients they serve. That’s why Screenflex is introducing the latest in a series of new products to its catalog: Screenflex Custom Print Divider, Safeflex Bullet-Resistant Sliding Divider and Straightflex Sliding Divider.

Screenflex Custom Print Divider

Screenflex Custom Print Dividers allow you to make an impact in any space, for any reason. Create separation or a backdrop for a range of activities with personalized branding, messaging or promotions, or imagery and designs to elevate any environment. This partition is lightweight and portable, folding compactly for storage when not in use. With 360-degree hinges, you can configure them in a C-shape, L-shape, or straight line.

Product highlights

  • Multiple heights and lengths – up to 7’6” in height and 25’ in length
  • Acoustic panels absorb sound, dampen noise
  • 360-degree hinges for flexible configuration
  • Full-size end panels for stability
  • Locking casters to secure the divider in place

Want to boost school spirit? Create a branded environment? Wow guests at an event? Support a fundraising effort? Inspire faith and fellowship? The Screenflex Custom Print Divider will let you create a unique message for any situation.


Safeflex Bullet-Resistant Sliding Divider

It’s more important than ever to enhance safety practices in your facilities. The Safeflex Bullet-Resistant Sliding Divider does just that, offering NIJ Level III-A protection and space division all in one product. Blending into any environment, these portable panels have a hidden ballistic-grade core that is tested to stop handgun bullets. Sliding hinges allow the divider to slide open and close, expanding to the desired length. Lightweight and collapsible to 33” wide, they transport easily and store compactly.

Product Highlights

  • Sliding hinges smoothly open and retract in a straight line
  • Meets NIJ Standard 0108.01 Level III-A protection
  • 6’10” in height and three lengths up to 15’6”
  • Wall-mounted and free-standing options available
  • Multiple fabric colors for customization, tackable surface

Functional and flexible, Safeflex can efficiently divide space for collaboration or quiet work, team building or private conversations, small group meetings, or focused work. Perfect for use in government buildings, schools, places of worship, or any public-facing or higher-risk industry, these partitions deliver versatility and ballistic protection to help protect anyone in your space.

Straightflex Sliding Divider

A durable and versatile player, Straightflex Sliding Dividers lets you adapt and optimize your facility in minutes. With sliding hinges, these portable partitions glide open and closed in a straight line to your desired length. Lightweight and strong, they are easy to transport from place to place.

Sliding divider in blue


Product Highlights

  • Acoustic honeycomb panels for sound-dampening
  • Sliding hinges allow panels to open and close in a straight line
  • Wall-mounted or freestanding options available
  • 90-degree end panel for stability
  • Numerous material options: fabric, SoundSorb, polycarbonate, and wood grain laminate
  • Locking, non-marking casters

For more information on how these unique products can deliver branded impact, flexibility, cleanliness, and protection in your spaces,  reach out to one of our knowledgeable consultants.

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