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Improve Efficiency and Patient Privacy with Health Care Facility Cubicles 

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Chirping alarms and medical equipment beeps, phone calls at the check-in desk, nurses going about their tasks, neighboring care team conversations you’ve likely seen and heard a flurry of hustles and bustles at clinics, hospitals, pharmacies, and other wellness care facilities.  

 The steady buzz of activity can create an atmosphere of chaos, not to mention intrusions on patient privacy and peace of mind. Also, protecting patient privacy is more than just a courtesy; it’s the law. Since 1996, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) governs nationwide standards to protect and secure patient health information from being disclosed without the patient’s consent. 

 One remedy for safeguarding privacy while also keeping up the standard of workflow efficiency is cubicles.  

Enhancing Staff and Patient Safety 

Studies have found that noise pollution in medical facilities have harmful physical and mental impacts. In fact, high noise levels have been associated with increased and heightened headaches, fatigue, irritation, and an end-of-day malaise 


And discussing personal health symptoms is an exposing experience. One might feel vulnerable or less likely to share symptoms or concerns in a larger shared space. That’s where barriers like health care cubicles can be a simple solution for privacy and at-ease, individual care.  

The utility and versatility of cubicles and separate enclosures have demonstrated numerous benefits:

  • a sense of autonomy and safety amidst a larger, often busy environment.
    an enhanced overall patient experience by promoting privacy, modesty, comfort, dignity, and respect. 
  • shielding personal information.  
  • a physical barrier to limit the spread of pathogens. 
  • fostering patient-provider relationships and trust. 
  • facilitating effective and efficient care delivery. 
  • overall aesthetic and flow of the spaces.


Screenflex’s Cubicle Option for Health Care Facilities 

Quickly enhance the privacy in your health care workspace with Screenflex’s Officeflex™ Cubicles. These panels have lightweight, aluminum frames that are sturdy, yet amazingly easy to move. And they come in three pre-configured options for you to choose from:

  • Corner, to add privacy on two sides 
  • Single, for one workstation 
  • Double, for two workstations side by side or facing each other

Officeflex kits can be easily joined and reconfigured to accommodate larger groupings as well to make the most out of your space and number of employees.  

 Designed with sound-absorbing properties, they’re perfect for minimizing the volume on auditory distractions and dialogues. With three tackable fabric color options charcoal gray, slate, and cloud gray simply use pushpins to post CDC health guidelines, signs, artwork, or other notes. And there’s an optional window customization if that design best suits the aesthetic of your health care facility. These dividers offer a practical, economical solution to efficiently utilize space without the higher costs associated with permanent construction or individual offices.

Where to Buy Cubicles for Your Facility

 For additional information on how Officeflex Cubicles can help your space, call 855-960-6020 or reach out to one of Screenflex’s knowledgeable sales consultants for a consultation.  







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