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Workplace Privacy and Separation with Officeflex™ Cubicles and Highpoint™ Anchored Dividers

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When it comes to any office space, privacy and adaptability are important components to consider. Environmental factors such as employee conversations, events, phone calls, and other potentially noisy situations can cause disruptions and reduce productivity. While it is unrealistic for an office building to be completely quiet and distraction-free, there are design techniques and policies that can offer employees a better atmosphere for getting their work done. Screenflex recognizes this need within professional environments and has launched new product lines to help customers correct it. By using Officeflex™ Cubicles and Highpoint™ Anchored Dividers within a workplace, business owners and facility managers can easily create adaptability and privacy within their buildings.  

What are Officeflex Cubicles? 

Gray cubicles partially surrounding workspaces

Officeflex ™ is the new line of cubicles to offer an economical solution for private employee workstations. These cubicles have lightweight aluminum frames that are sturdy and easy to move. Since every space can look different, these portable walls provide plenty of customizations to fit each facility. Officeflex is available in single, corner, and double configurations and offers two length and height combinations to choose from. These temporary walls are also easy to assemble and reconfigure as needed.   


  • Insurance Agency Waiting Areas 
  • Call Center Workspaces 
  • Doctor’s Office Patient Privacy 

Small business owners often find themselves wearing multiple hats and juggling numerous responsibilities. One of the most significant challenges they face is making the most of their limited office space. These modular workspaces are designed to maximize floor space, allowing entrepreneurs and managers to accommodate their teams without breaking the bank on office expenses. Whether a tech startup or a boutique retail store, cubicles help create a structured and organized work environment that fosters productivity and collaboration.   

What are Highpoint Anchored Dividers? 


In addition to the new cubicle line, Screenflex recently introduced the Highpoint™ Anchored Dividers to their room divider catalog. These portable barriers offer up to 12’3″ in height, making them the tallest Screenflex product to date. The wall-attached partitions are both durable and lightweight enough for easy and safe maneuvering. To fulfill different facility needs, the Highpoint Anchored Dividers offer customers the choice of two hinges: Sliding or folding. Each hinge allows facility members to shape their facility with these dividers in different ways based on their needs.  


  • Convention Center Events  
  • Office Building Separation 
  • Arena Backstage Areas 
  • Banquet Hall Division 
  • Hotel Meeting Space Privacy 

In the bustling settings of convention centers, offices, arenas, banquet spaces, and hotels, Highpoint™ Anchored Partitions serve as a strategic approach to establishing defined and structured spaces. Convention centers often host multiple events simultaneously, and Highpoint™ Partitions play a pivotal role in separating these spaces to ensure each event maintains its distinct identity without disrupting others. These mounted dividers can also create semi-private banquet areas for events or parties, offering an intimate setting within a larger space. 

Why Use These Products  

Open cubicle next to a large wallmounted divider

While both Officeflex™ and Highpoint™ Anchored Partitions have separate room-dividing purposes, they both offer a few characteristics in common, such as cost-effectiveness, sound absorption, and privacy.  


Officeflex™ Cubicles and Highpoint™ Dividers are economical solutions for businesses seeking to optimize their workspace layout while ensuring privacy for employees and guests. These dividers offer a practical means to efficiently utilize space without the high costs associated with permanent construction or individual offices.  

Privacy and Sound Absorption  

Cubicles and wall-mounted room dividers also offer sound absorption capabilities in bustling office environments where concentration and confidentiality are needed. By creating acoustic barriers, these dividers can help offer auditory privacy and shield conversations. The sound-dampening panels can also reduce harsh echoes and ambient noise to help foster a productive environment. Whether you are hosting a large event or simply requiring more focus between workspaces, acoustic management is essential.  

For additional information on how Officeflex™ Cubicles or Highpoint™ Anchored Dividers can help your space, please feel free to reach out to one of Screenflex’s knowledgeable sales consultants. 

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