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What Is The Warranty On My Room Divider?

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Long Lasting Room Dividers With A Great Warranty!

During the buying process, people often ask us, “what is the warranty on my room divider?”  To most people., it makes a difference knowing that the company you buy from is willing to stand behind its products.

When you are purchasing room dividers for your school, church, or office, you want to know that your product will last for many years to come. Even though every room divider is a quality and durable product, Screenflex provides a 3-year warranty for every room divider you buy. Your divider is guaranteed to be free from defects in material and workmanship for three years from the date of delivery.

Double Your Warranty!

As an added bonus, Screenflex will double the fun by doubling your warranty when you leave a comment on our Screenflex Room Dividers Page. That’s  6 years!

Screenflex is a family owned business founded by, Paul, John and Richard Maas in 1988. Screenflex manufactures portable room dividers and display panels that come in 36 combinations of heights and lengths as well as a nice variety of colors to complement your decor.

Celebrate success when you need room dividers for your facility! Adding temporary rooms goes hand in hand with growth. So cheers to you!

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