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Wallmount Room Divider Information - Left vs. Right Hand Mounting

A Man Opens a Right Mounting Wallmount Screenflex Room Divider

Screenflex Room Dividers ~ Left vs. Right Hand Wallmount Room Dividers


Click on this short video to learn more about Wallmount Room Dividers and when to use a right-hand model or left-hand model.

To mount your Screenflex Wallmount Room Divider you need two L-shaped brackets to mount the divider to the wall, one at the bottom of the divider and one at the top. A spring pin rides in a slot in the L-bracket and enables the panels to swing in 180 degrees from the mounting point. As is true with our free standing room dividers, the panels alternate the way they turn from left to right, almost like an accordion. The panels fold toward the wall for storage and then fold flat against the wall in one direction depending on if it is right or left handed unit.  If you plan on storing the panels against the wall please speak with one of our sales associates to ensure the purchase of the correct room divider. 


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