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Room Divider Delivery Instructions



Room Divider Delivery Instructions From Screenflex

Follow these simple room divider delivery instructions.

Thank you for your recent room divider purchase!  We would like to show you how to receive delivery of your Screenflex Room Divider.

The tailgate method of delivery means the driver will move the divider to the back of the truck, but you are responsible for taking it off the truck, unpacking and inspecting it, then bringing it into the building. We suggest you have two people on hand to help move the divider safely from the truck.

Immediately unbox the divider and inspect it before the driver leaves.

Using a sharp object, cut through the layers of cardboard at the four corners of the remaining box.  Be careful of the heavy duty staples used to secure the box together.  Once you’ve cut through all four corners of the box, begin to pull down the flaps on all sides to reveal the divider.

Carefully lift the divider off of the cylinders used for stabilizing the unit during delivery. Your divider is now ready to be rolled into the building.  Dividers are 25 inches wide and fit through most standard doorways.  Enjoy your Screenflex Divider!