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Corporate Use


Portable room dividers provide corporate facilities and other workplaces the ultimate space division and adaptability.


In any corporate setting, adaptability is necessary. Discover how to easily transform your facility with Screenflex Portable Room Dividers. 

Our Standard Dividers absorb sound to help limit office distractions. While our Dry-Erase/ Tackable Partitions create a collaborative working environment. 

Additionally, our Clear Dividers create excellent see-through barriers in times of high contagion. 

For easy customization, Screenflex partitions offer multiple heights, lengths, and colors.

Some common uses in the workforce include temporary meeting spaces, collaboration, and office privacy. All of which create ultimate flexibility in your building.

Further personalize your Screenflex Vinyl Dividers with a logo from your company.

Screenflex is a family-owned company in the Chicago suburbs of Illinois. All of our products are quality-guaranteed, and manufactured and shipped from right here in the United States. 

Speak with one of our sales consultants today to find the right portable wall for your office, warehouse, or any other workforce setting.