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Screenflex Room Dividers are Remarkably stable!

Our room dividers have an end frame that is wide at the bottom and narrow at the top for maximum stability. Watch this video for a quick demonstration!

What Makes Screenflex Room Dividers the Premier Divider in the Industry?-

1) Stability: In measuring the stability of a Portable Room Divider, the equation to remember is W + W=S (Weight plus Width equals Stability). Much like the flag holders in your church, it is the combination of weight and width at the bottom of the flag holder which prevents the flag from falling over. Similarly, a wide end frame made of steel is obviously much more stable than one made of lightweight metal.

2) Flexibility/Versatility: Nothing is as constant as change is a popular (and true) saying. Odds are the needs/uses of Portable Room Dividers in your church are not the same today as they were 6 months ago or for that matter yesterday! Thus an important feature in a Portable Room Divider is its flexibility (ability to be configured in various shapes) and versatility (can it be set up/taken down/moved to another room quickly and easily?)

3) A visual block between classes: Out of sight, out of mind is cliché but true. If one child (or adult) can’t see another during class they cannot be distracted by that person. In this regard, much like ourselves, all dividers are equal.

4) Sound Absorbency: Sound absorbency to keep sound confined in each room is important. Or is it?? Remember the last time you went out to dinner with family or friends? In all likelihood, you could hear the entire discussion taking place at your table in the restaurant even though there may be a dozen other groups at tables around you having discussions as well. Could you hear what they were saying? If you think about it, your answer is probably no, I couldn’t. Experts call the extraneous noise such as described above white noise because much like the color white it’s there, but nobody pays attention to it. I have heard several teachers say, If I can control the student’s sight, I can control the student.


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