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Screenflex on Social Media

Screenflex on Social MediaScreenflex on Social Media

Did you know you can interact with Screenflex via Social media?

Social media has been around since humans began to talk. One of the first signs of human social media was cave wall paintings. Some of the earliest forms of social media were not digital. Social media refers to interactions among people in which they create, share, and/or exchange information and ideas in virtual communities and networks.

Historically, it used to be enough to have an online presence on the Internet for the one-way broadcasting and dissemination of information. Today, social networks such as Facebook and Twitter are driving new forms of social interaction, dialogue, exchange, and collaboration. Social networking sites (referred to more broadly as social media) enable users to swap ideas, to post updates and comments, or to participate in activities and events,

According to Nielsen, internet users continue to spend more time on social media sites than any other type of site.

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