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Room Dividers for Aquatics and Wellness Centers

Portable room dividers work wonders at this aquatic and wellness center by bringing a room to people, instead of having to bring people to the room. The Multiplex, which is now The East Link Centre, is a large facility that offers something for everyone.  This is a great example of how portable room dividers are the perfect solution to adding a class or meeting room anywhere.

The Grande Prairie Aquatics and Wellness Multiplex is as one of the largest fitness and adventure centers in Canada. The facility, operated by the City of Grande Prairie, is fully accessible to the public.  Fitness opportunities for everything from aquatics to field sports are available and cater to the needs of disabled users. The aquatic facilities at the Multiplex include a 54m competition tank and a 25m program pool for swimming. The Surfing Simulator is a big hit and allows snowboarders to practice during the off-season. There’s also a dive tank, water slides, hot tubs, sauna and a dinosaur play area for the kids. A wide range of other sporting opportunities is available at the Multiplex. Basketball, volleyball and tennis courts can be used, and there are full-sized running and walking tracks. A 16,000 square foot fitness room provides opportunities for weight lifting, cardio classes and much more.

An aquatics and wellness center creates privacy for their therapy space with the help of Screenflex Room Dividers.

Therapy privacy walls at the aquatics and wellness center

During camps or classes, whether it be for members or employees, staff members will create a room in the pool area to meet. Distractions are kept to a minimum for guests to enjoy the pool while a meeting can take place behind the divider. Likewise, room dividers help campers and staff members engaged while receiving instruction as well. For disabled members or members needing a wheelchair, the Multiplex is designed to be fully accessible.  During particular classes, a Screenflex room divider is set up to create a room so disabled members don’t have to travel to a classroom on the opposite side of the building. Perfect solution!

Portable partitions are easy to set up. It takes only seconds to wheel them into place and pull open. Shape them into any configuration desired. Sturdy in design and weighing up to 224 lbs., dividers glide effortlessly across a room for setting up.  Room dividers store in a small 2.5’x 3′ footprint.


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