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Mixed Use Classroom Success Story

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The Location

White Pine Elementary School

The Challenge

Mixed Use Classroom

The Solution

“Our music and art room was only possible with our ScreenflexRroom Divider,” said school principal Ms. Healy.  The White Pine Elementary School was experiencing a drastic increase in enrollment.  As many of us know, school enrollment can fluctuate from high to low with a few years in between. With this constant change, schools are reluctant to expand building space through the means of construction and create mixed-use classrooms.  More and more, schools are turning to Screenflex Portable Room Dividers as a solution to their facility space utilization.

The White Pine Elementary School needed additional classroom space for core classes, which meant the need for classrooms for enrichment classes. The school was able to divide a larger classroom into two usable spaces. One for the art class and the other for music class. The room divider not only creates a visual division between the two classrooms but dampens sound between the two spaces. The black fabric looks sleek and professional while letting art on it pop in contrast. By using a mobile room divider and not a ceiling track room divider, the teachers can rearrange the divider to section off the classroom as they see fit and HVAC and lighting are not obstructed. It’s a win-win for classrooms that have mixed uses.

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