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Flexible Classroom Encourages Exploration

The Location

Sherman Thomas STEM Academy

The Challenge

Adaptable classroom walls

The Solution

At Sherman Thomas STEM Academy they encourage their students to think outside the box, to use discovery as a way to learn and solve life problems.  To foster this style of learning the school requires a flexible learning environment.  Often times the students learn in a large open space where movement and exploration are encouraged.  The Academy uses Screenflex room dividers to create separation between their exploration space and small classrooms.  Having a more intimate room for the students to “debrief” or exchange ideas helps with their focus and concentration.  Having a divided space also allows two classes to use this shared space without disturbing the other class.  The videos below show the school sets up the dividers in the large shared room.  The partitions offer the privacy and flexibility the school needs for exploration.

Divide Classrooms • Reduce Noise • Display Materials

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