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Fellowship Hall Church Uses

Market: Religious
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Room divider separates a room into two classrooms

The Location

Cathedral of Light

The Challenge

Multipurpose Room Divider

The Solution

The multipurpose room at Cathedral of Light is the most popular space in the church.  The space is used for dance parties, meals, meetings, and Sunday school classes.  By adding a Screenflex Portable Room  Divider to the multipurpose room, multiple events can be hosted at the same time.  The staff finds it most useful to set up the divider for events needing childcare.  The parents meet on one side of the divider while their children attend class on the other side of the temporary wall.  To create an opening into the newly created space, several panels are folded.  To create a complete separation in the room, the divider is extended the full width of the room.  The fabric walls absorb plenty of sounds to create privacy between the two groups.

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