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Easy to Use Decorative Backdrops

The Location

First Baptist Church

The Challenge

Divide rooms and create a decorative backdrop

The Solution

I love this story from the First Baptist Church.  When they first contacted Screenflex they were searching for a way to divide a room when needed.  The room divider needed to be movable and store compactly when they needed the room to be one open space.  After using the dividers for some time, they discovered many other uses for the portable partition.  Using the divider as a decorative backdrop for their many functions became the most popular use.  Not only could the dividers be decorated, but they could divide the room and direct people to the right rooms.  The church staff couldn’t get over how easy it to tack decorations directly onto the fabric panels.  The versatility of the room dividers allows the church staff to quickly decorate and arrange the partition within minutes.

Divide Fellowship Space • Reduce Noise • Display Materials

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