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One Room Divider To Suit Any Space

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Whether in a church, school, office or home the right room divider can suit the needs of any occasion. The most practical room divider is probably one that is freestanding.  Freestanding room dividers are portable and key to all of your room divider needs.

A Room Divider To Suit Any Space

Freestanding room dividers can break up a large room to create two smaller spaces or to create many smaller spaces.  Create classrooms or office spaces. Divide a fellowship hall in two to hold multiple functions. Use room dividers in a loft to create cozy and private living areas.

Use open room dividers for an extra-large viewing screen for your Wii games or movies.

Post up art work or other displays.  Freestanding dividers roll into place and set up is quick and easy.  Hold a conference or demonstration using dividers as a back drop or display.

Conceal messy areas. Portable room dividers help to create a place for dirty dishes, paint cans, construction debris or a pile of clutter behind the scenes.

Freestanding dividers are easy to set up.  You can set up and put away several rooms in just minutes. Portable partitions fold up neatly and can stack together to take up a minimal amount of space. Nest two or more to save you even more space.

What are your space dividing needs?

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