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Room Dividers Create An Exercise Room And Barrier For Noise At Ohio State University's Medical Center

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Ohio State exercise room made with Screenflex Room Dividers

Exercise Room Basics

Don’t be surprised if you see residents and coaches of the Neuropsychiatric Medical Center doing the downward dog with their patients. Yoga is a cure for many diseases including diabetes, obesity, and psychiatric illnesses.

The OSU/Harding Hospital at The Ohio State University Medical Center in Neuropsychiatric Facility offers comprehensive behavioral healthcare services and programs for children and adolescents, adults, and older adults in central Ohio. Treatment occurs in a caring and supportive environment emphasizing a return to independent living and family participation. OSU is a wonderful teaching hospital, they are up on the latest technologies and is ranked as one of the best hospitals in the U.S. in 10 different specialties.

Without room dividers, there would be no yoga!Three women in a yoga pose

I’ve visited a few nursing facilities in my day and this one really seems like a happening place! Patients engage in social activities throughout the day in a large room where they play games, exercise, watch t.v. and have their meals together. A team of psychiatrists, psychiatric fellows and residents, medical students, pharmacists, nurses, social workers, and case managers care for the 70 patients.

Since two or more activities can take place at the same time, patients started asking to meet in another room. I get it. How many times have I lost my train of thought during a step class because someone barged into the room?  It’s tempting to want to stop what you are doing. Try taking a yoga class while a small counseling session or game is taking place in the same room. Very distracting?  A bit noisy? Absolutely!

Try a room divider in Your Exercise Room

To find a solution to dampening noise and eliminate visual distractions, OSU called Screenflex and spoke with one of our room divider consultants.  After listening to OSU’s needs, the consultant recommended a 6′ 8″ x 24′ 1″ room divider. The divider arrived fully assembled as promised, so it was ready to use upon delivery.  The residents say that the divider provides a nice barrier between two spaces in the day area, so when things get a bit rowdy during a yoga class, it’s not disturbing to others. So now when the instructor says, “plank” or “half moon”, she only has to say it once.

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