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When New Church Construction is Best

Market: Religious

Construction trusses

Is there a point at which a client should consider new construction instead?

Is new church construction necessary?  People basically understand their needs. We can’t turn a 5,000 square foot facility into a 10,000 square foot facility, but churches typically use their dividers during their growth phase. When the happy day comes that they do build their 10,000 square foot space, they roll the dividers over to use in the new facility.  Attendance goes up and down.   While one year the congregation is booming with members, another year attendance may decline.   It may make more sense to have portable classrooms that can be set up and taken down as needed, rather than investing in a new building.  Portable classrooms are mobile and flexible.  They can be set up quickly and taken down just as quickly. Additional construction to an existing building can be incredibly expensive, so for a fraction of the price and without having to wait for what could be a long period of construction, room dividers create an instant room!  Why pay so much to expand a facility when you can have a clean and fully functioning portable classroom in just minutes. Think about it.  It is a win-win solution.

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