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Ministry Space Division- Uriah United Methodist Church

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Uriah United Methodist Church, located in Gardners, PA, created a new ministry to help engage their congregation. Since their members have a sizable biker community, the leaders decided on creating a new ministry in the same facility called Eagle Ridge Biker Church. The two churches take place in the same building resulting in them needing division in their ministry space. They ultimately reached out to Screenflex for the perfect room dividers for their space.

New Church for Uriah

These leaders created the Eagle Ridge Church with bikers in mind. This church meets every week before the traditional Sunday service for their own worshipping and sermon. Each service uses the same pastor, and to add variety between the churches, the band plays popular Christian music and classic rock songs with a twist at Eagle Ridge. Our contact at the UMC, Danny Beecher, said that the main Uriah congregation has about one hundred members while the Biker Church has roughly forty members.

Since Eagle Ridge needs less space, they host their Sunday services in the fellowship hall instead of the main worshipping hall. Even in the smaller area, the biker church still only takes up a portion of the floor space for their seating arrangements. The size of the fellowship hall is roughly 45ft by 75ft and has a stage at the end. Denny told us that the capacity limit of the room is about 250 people.

Like many fellowship halls or multipurpose rooms, this room is the home to many activities in the church. Although the church daycare center’s main room is downstairs, they will use the fellowship hall when the weather is bad. The church leaders will also conduct a weekly bible study session in this space. In addition to weekly and daily events, members can rent this hall for family reunions, receptions, and other gatherings as needed. Finally, when elections come around, they sometimes use this space for voting.

room dividers placed in large fellowship halls

Ministry Space Division

Since so many of these events vary in size, some can use the space in conjunction with others. Beecher mentioned that they typically place the Screenflex Room Divider in between two coinciding smaller activities. Their partitions usually create a straight freestanding wall when the Eagle Ridge church service and other programs occur.

When Denny reviewed these dividers, he said the church was very pleased. The portable walls were a significant improvement of the general decor of the hall. Before using Screenflex products, they used a “construction orange plastic net and cardboard barrels.” Now, these congregants can still have the division they need with a more aesthetically pleasing and professional look by utilizing these temporary walls. Plus, when the dividers are not in use, they quickly close up into a compact storage of 2ft by 3ft space.

As a leader in your church, you should make sure your community is a well-rounded one. For this reason, investing both time and money in your ministries and the rooms where they take place can help spread the Lord’s mission while keeping your congregation engaged.

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