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Testimonials & Quotes From Satisfied Customers!

We always follow up with our customers after their new room dividers are delivered.  We like to check-in to find out how the delivery went and to see if they have used the partitions yet.  Your input is very important to us.  We use this information to serve you better in the future.  This is why we offer an extended warranty incentive.  All you have to do is send us a picture of your divider in use!

It is nice when we receive quotes from satisfied customers.  I thought you might like to hear from a few customers who shared their experiences with us!


Dear Kim,

The delivery went very smoothly, and the video showing how to open the cartons was a huge help!  My kudos on making this available to customers.  We used the screens for the first time this past Sunday.  Since it was Palm Sunday, we cut palmetto fronds and tacked them at random locations on the screens.  They are indeed very tackable and made a nice backdrop on either side of our stage area.  This week our floors in that building are receiving their semi-annual heavy-duty cleaning and waxing, and it was super easy to close the screens and roll them out-of-the-way.  We love them, and just wish we could afford more! Thanks for your help with our purchase. – A Church in Georgia

Dear Karen,

Good to hear from you!  The partitions are great!  It turns out that they were delivered on the morning before our annual business meeting.  So during the meeting we showed the congregation how they worked and gave them a live demonstration.  They are so easy to use!  We are using them every day, we store them for church functions and roll them out for classes on Sunday.  I didn’t have time to install the wall mounted unit yet.  Hopefully in a couple of weeks I’ll set it up.  Anyway, thanks for all your help and have a great Easter weekend.  Please thank the assembly crew in the shop for me also.  A job well done and “made in America”.  We will be ordering more in the future. Thanks – A Church in Rhode Island

Dear Kim,

All went well with delivery. The divider works good in our current application. We use it to divide off some temporary storage of tables and folding chairs on carts in a multifunction room. We actually were able to utilize an alternate location in the room due to the flexibility of the partition’s configuration. – A Church in Montana

Dear Karen,

We love the partitions.  Our company provides services for homeless youth, our GED program is one of many services we provide.  The GED classroom is conducted in the morning on the Drop-In Floor which gets a lot of traffic.  The partitions provide a barrier and quiet space for youth to concentrate and stay focused instead of looking up and checking out all the other activities that are happening during GED.  The GED staff was so excited and surprised.  They have been requesting something like this for over a year.  It totally meets our needs and staff loves the fact that they can change the layout ofroom divider making a small conference area them when needed. – A Homeless Center in Washington

Hello Kim,

Attached is a photo of the dividers in use!  We love them!  The color was perfect and easy to use as well! – A Church in Oklahoma


The dividers are absolutely, positively AWESOME and work perfectly.  They are of high quality and we are all so delighted to have them fulfilling a huge need with extra classroom space.  Thank you for checking in with me! – A Church in Connecticut

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