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Design Strategies for an Advanced School Administration Office

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Beyond the familiar faces of teachers and the eager eyes of students lies the powerhouse driving the educational engine: school administrators. From an elementary school principal nurturing young minds to a high school assistant principal guiding adolescents through crucial years and a college dean sharpening future leaders, a school’s administration and their leadership is multifaceted and essential

To ensure a smooth and successful educational journey for every student, the school administrative office needs a working environment designed for successful operations. Cubicles and room dividers can help. 

What Does a School Administrator Do?  

Potential job titles under the umbrella of school administration include principal and assistant principal, superintendent, dean of students, provost, department chair, director, instructional coordinator, assistant, and more. And administration duties can be split into different areas like admissions, student affairs, the registrar’s office, athletics, and academics. In the end, school administrators work to foster a supportive, effective learning environment and to keep a school running smoothly — greeting visitors, answering phone calls and directing inquiries to appropriate staff members, maintaining records, event scheduling, distributing communications, financial transactions, safety protocols, procurement of supplies, and so on. 

Administrative Office Design Considerations 

The office entry is the first space a visitor or student encounters and it sets the tone for the school. It should be secure, but also accessible. Examples include a buzzer system at the entrance to announce visitors or security cameras. School colors, student artwork, soothing music, and plants can help make the office a pleasant place to visit. Include office displays, like Galleria™ Indoor Outdoor Display Boards, Display Towers, and Dry Erase/Tackable Screens, to show, pin, or tack school news, announcements of special fine arts and sporting events, artwork, and more.


Officeflex Cubicles provide a structured setting for faculty by offering individual workstations that promote focus for tasks that require concentration or reviewing of confidential information like data entry, financials, or student record management. Officeflex Cubicles have an optional window customization, perfect for not only letting in natural light, but offering administrative assistants an eye of the office lobby or the view of an administrator’s office to direct visitors for a parent-teacher meeting or other meeting.  

Room dividers can also help create effective office zones by establishing temporary yet functional spaces for staff collaboration, parent-teacher conferences, or small group discussions, especially if the administration office doesn’t have a conference room to utilize. Portable partitions can be used to visually separate different departments or functions within the office. This creates a sense of organization and can help staff quickly identify areas like the reception desk or workroom where equipment like copiers, laminators, or fax machines are located.  



In 2022, 5.8% of children ages 5-17 experienced chronic school absenteeism due to illness, injury, or disability. From common colds to step throat, schools are often a main germ hub for students and staff alike. But there are options that a school administration office can add to help mitigate airborne ailments, sniffles, and sneezes: Plexiglass shields, sneeze guards, desktop panels, and Healthflex Privacy Screens. These screens help ensure social distancing, comfort, and privacy you need to interact in public spaces with its vinyl covering with an antimicrobial agent. It’s easy to move, clean, and store, and a perfect fit for a nurse’s office, too.

Enjoy an Admin Win with Screenflex 

By strategically implementing a combination of cubicles and room dividers, schools can create an administrative office that is efficient and adaptable. This fosters a productive environment for staff, ultimately leading to a better overall experience for students and parents alike.  

Ready for a rehaul of your administrative office? It’s easy when you reach out to our knowledgeable consultants to get the process started for a well-designed office space.  

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