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A Guide to Designing Your Ideal Cubicle Layout

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Cubicles have been a popular choice in office spaces for decades. In fact, in the 1960s, the Herman Miller furniture company introduced the “Action Office,” a flexible combination and arrangement of desks, tables, and walls — the first cubicle. Its core purpose was to enhance worker well-being by providing greater freedom of movement and a dedicated space for focused work and privacy, fostering increased productivity. 

Fast forward to today, cubicles remain a workhorse solution for many modern offices. Designing an effective cubicle layout requires a strategic approach that balances employee needs with space limitations and overall functionality. To ensure a harmonious and productive workspace, we’ll unpack the key steps involved in the cubicle layout and office design process, as well as the benefits and best solution. 

Cubicle Office Design Strategies 

Cubicles are designated workspaces enclosed by partitions or walls. These partitions create individual work areas for employees, offering some privacy and separation from the sights and sounds of the open office, while promoting productivity, efficiency, and functionality of the space. Here are three strategies to follow to best optimize your office space: 

• Identify Goals: Prior to embarking on revamping your office layout, it’s crucial to pinpoint your goals and objectives. Consider elements, like company culture, the number of employees, and requirements of your workforce, and the intended functionality of the space. Additionally, if your business operates on a hybrid model, figure out how many folks will be in the office at the same time. This will help you map out your cubicle needs.

• Analyze Available Space: Conduct precise measurements to determine the suitable number of cubicles within the space. Pay careful attention to factors such as the room’s dimensions and any structural or design limitations. Electrical outlets and cable management should be examined, too. Create a floor plan that includes the desired location and layout of the cubicles. Be sure to consider traffic flow, accessibility, and the overall aesthetic of the space.

Psst, our knowledgeable experts can help assist in figuring out the best configuration and number of cubes for your space!


• Choose the Cubicle Design: Consider affordability, durability, flexibility, and the ability to customize the cubicles to meet specific needs of your employees. Modular cubicles, Officeflex Cubicles, allow you to make changes down the road, like an increase in company growth. Ensure that your employees also have the necessary tools and resources to be productive in their cubicles — a standing desk, ergonomic chair, filing cabinets and storage units, proper lighting, etc.  

Pros of Using Office Cubicles 

Cubicles offer a range of advantages that contribute to increased productivity and employee satisfaction. They create a private working environment, promote customization and personalization, and provide cost-effective space utilization.  

Increase Focus and Reduce Distractions: The semi-enclosed nature of cubicles provides a distinct advantage: the creation of a personal workspace. This physical separation acts as a barrier against the visual and auditory distractions inherent in open office environments. By minimizing these disruptions, cubicle layouts can foster a more conducive setting for deep work and focus, potentially leading to increased employee productivity and overall operational efficiency.

Customize and Personalize: While cubicles provide a designated workspace, opportunities for personalization exist, allowing individuals to adorn their desk or cubicle panels with personal mementos, photographs, kids’ artwork, and other decorations. Various sStudies have shown that customization makes the workstation feel welcoming and instills a sense of pride, ownership, belonging, and increased job satisfaction.

Cost-Effectiveness: Compared to traditional private offices, cubicles allow for a higher density of employees within the same footprint. This translates to significant cost savings in real estate expenses, while still providing employees with functional and comfortable workspaces. The do-it-yourself assembly of Officeflex Cubicles is easy — no tools are required! Cubicles provide the desired functionality at a lower cost and without the disruption of permanent construction projects. Furthermore, cubicles boast inherent flexibility — as teams evolve and needs change, cubicles can be easily rearranged, reorganized, or expanded to accommodate shifts.  

Why Officeflex Cubicles? 

Officeflex Cubicles deliver a powerful, economical solution for private employee workstations. These cubicles boast lightweight aluminum frames, ensuring both durability and effortless mobility. With options available in single, corner, and double configurations, and two length and height combinations to choose from, Officeflex offers unparalleled versatility. 

Not only are these temporary walls a breeze to assemble and reconfigure, perfect for accommodating a growing team, but they’re also designed to absorb sound, eliminating distracting background noise. For those who crave customization, there’s even an option to add a window for more natural light and ambiance. And the tackable fabric (in three assorted colors) allows one to pin, tack, and post signage, photos, wall calendars, artwork — you name it! But here’s the real game-changer: Officeflex dividers provide a savvy, budget-friendly alternative to pricey permanent construction or individual offices. 

We Understand Modular Office Space Solutions 

Choose from a variety of colors, sizes, and configurations to create the perfect work environment for your office. If you are unsure of any part of the office planning process, our experts can help! We offer consultations to figure out the needs, goals, and budgets when designing with cubicles.  

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