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5 Color Psychology Hacks for a More Inspiring Workspace

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Feeling like a sleepy sloth in your cubicle? Does your home office yearn for a splash (or two) of sunshine or wish to be a den of Zen? Get ready to ditch the design doldrums by diving into the world of color psychology in an office setting and seeing how the right hue can help increase productivity, efficiency, and mood. Here’s what you should know before you start browsing color swatches and samples.  


 What is Color Psychology?  

Which colors are best for your work environment? Before we run down the hue-tiful guide, let’s understand the basics of color psychology.

Color psychology is the study of how colors affect our moods, emotions, and behaviors. It explores the idea that certain colors can trigger specific reactions, and studies have found that colors impact factors such as productivity, performance, and creativity. Knowing this can be helpful when designing spaces that promote focus, energy, or relaxation, just to name a few. 

Five Colors and Their Effects
So, what are the best office color schemes? Here are five options for color schemes that will make for a better office space with some color anecdotes from Color Psychology 

Blue Boost 

Perhaps the most well-known “cool” color, blue and its various shades are considered to bring thoughts of calm and peace to mind. It’s a non-aggressive color that encourages productivity, trust, calmness, and dependability.  

 Pro-tip: Include blue walls or accents in rooms where your team is expected to be productive and find focus. Spaces where you should include blue: brainstorming collaborative spaces; meeting rooms;, and research and data entry areas.  

Go Green 

Another member of the “cool” family, green is made for a serene scene. Green reigns supreme in nature, symbolizing tranquility and growth. Not only is it regarded as the most soothing and restful color for the human eye on the color wheel, but it’s also considered the most calming color, promoting harmony, balance, and even a touch of optimism.

Pro-tip: For areas with long work hours, consider green! This calming color reduces anxiety and eye strain, making it ideal for individual workstations, lounges or reception areas, and relaxation spaces. 



Rev It Up in Red 

“Warm” colors tend to evoke uplifting, energetic responses, and red is all about that. The bold hue increases heart rate, blood flow, and appetite, too. It can help excite emotions and motivate people to act, as well as promoting ambition and determination.

Pro-tip: Red is a powerful color, so consider using sparingly and in more muted tones or accents like furniture, desk accessories, and wall décor to boost confidence and boldness without overwhelming employees. It’s ideal for high-activity areas like cafeterias, hallways, or late-night workspaces. 

Be Sunny-Side-Up with Yellow 

Optimism, creativity, clarity — it’s yellow! This mentally activating color enhances cognitive function and ignites a curious, knowledge-hungry mindset. 

 Pro-tip: Yellow is a cheerful mood booster, perfect for accents in high-energy areas for creativity and co-creation. Inspire your designers, developers, artists, writers, and other creatives with pops of yellow. To keep it elegant, sprinkle yellow hues with desk or wall accessories, pots for plants, or even chairs and couches. 

Lighten and Brighten with Neutrals 

Never underestimate neutrals. Neutrals (white, gray, and beige), never go out of style in office color trends, but they do need to be used carefully to avoid being boring or bland. They promote a sense of peace, formality, and cleanliness, depending on the specific neutral hue. 

Pro-tip: On their own, neutrals are excellent for areas in the office where you want to encourage calm and relaxation, like the front lobby, employee breakroom, or an open meeting area with lots of natural light. Combine white with accent colors to create a playful mood or use with other neutrals for a clean, minimalistic workspace.  

Colorful Designs and Furniture from Screenflex 

Whether you’re redesigning your whole office space or merely considering a fresh paint job or adding some vibrant pops of decoration and furniture, color can change the entire atmosphere of your space. Here’s where function meets design — room dividers, cubicles, and acoustic panels.

Each of these come in an array of colors (depending on the product). For instance, Acoustical Wall Panels are designed to improve the acoustics of a space while adding a decorative element to the room. They’re available in 30 colors, such as apple green, mauve, summer blue, and oatmeal. This allows you to embrace color psychology while addressing sound management, creating a truly functional and inspiring work environment.

There’s no definitive answer to which color you should paint or decorate your office. The response is subjective for what you like. But refreshing your workspace with color is an inexpensive energy promoter, productivity enhancer, and mood boost for your employees.  

Need help incorporating color into your office? Our team can help you pinpoint your palette and products for great cohesiveness. So, reach out to a sales consultant today! 

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