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Eliminate Distractions and Enhance Safety in Vocational Classrooms with Wall Partitions

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In a world where technology and innovation continue to reshape industries, there’s an enduring demand for skilled workers in trades; from spring 2021 to 2022, mechanic and repair trade programs saw an enrollment increase of 11.5%, construction trades went up 19%, and culinary program increased nearly 13%.

And vocational courses aren’t just offered at community colleges, career centers, and technical schools — high schools can prepare students for various high-skilled, high-demand, well-paying jobs. No matter the level or degree, at the forefront of vocational education is the safety and health of students and bystanders. One vital piece of equipment that helps mitigate these risks is the moveable partition. Keep reading to learn how such dividers contribute to safety and efficiency in welding classes.  

What Are Vocational Classes? 

Vocational classes, also called career and technical education (CTE), are like bootcamps for in-demand jobs. There are many types of vocational classes and fields, such as heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC); plumbing; electricity; carpentry; IT; cosmetology; criminal justice; welding; and more. They give you the hands-on skills and/or certifications you need to hit the ground running in your chosen field.

Why Use Welding Screens for Safety
A welding screen or partition wall is a protective barrier design to shield individuals near the working area from various hazards or concerns: 

  • Ultraviolet (UV) and infrared radiation (IR), while invisible, can damage one’s skin and eyes. The partition screen filters them out, keeping you safe.  
  • Welding throws a shower of molten metal bits. Screens act as a fire-resistant shield, containing these hazards and preventing burns.  
  • The intense light from welding can cause “welder’s flash” or “arc eye” — a painful sunburn-like injury of the cornea. Welding screens tame the glare, preventing this temporary vision loss.  

 With a welding wall partition, you can focus on the weld and not worry about the dangers that can come from it.  


Implement Welding Wall Partitions in Your Vocational Classroom
There are a few different types of vocational safety screens, like welding curtains, welding booths, and welding screens, and Screenflex offers Fire Resistant Dividers. These dividers won’t burn and help prevent the spread of flames due to the 100% non-combustible all-aluminum panels. This reduces the risk of flash burns and provides a layer of protection. They can be easily installed, moved, or modified to fit the workspace configuration and welding applications — the screens can be repositioned into a straight, angled, and “L” or “U” shape to surround a welding area, create a temporary welding booth, or form a complete welding enclosure.  

 The strategically placed open space at the bottom ensures proper airflow, crucial for welder comfort and preventing heat build-up. Additionally, it provides ample room for maneuvering hoses and power cords.  

This thoughtful design prioritizes both safety and a smooth workflow. 

 These wall partitions go beyond the welding wheelhouse. Use these dividers for safety measures when training students how to solder pipes in plumbing courses, in woodworking classes to stop woodchips and debris from flying toward other workers, in culinary experiences when demonstrating how to flambé desserts, automotive classes to separate one person’s work area from another,  

and more.  

 Buy a Welding Partition Through Screenflex 

Maintaining safety for students, instructors, and bystanders is paramount in vocational schools and classes. Our Fire Resistant Divider is designed with safety, versatility, and efficiency in mind. Contact us to find out more about this partition and how we can help you protect your vocational environment.  

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