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Light Duty Partition


Our lightweight partitions made with high caliber material can be versatile for any need. For more educational resources, our Light Duty Video provides more information.


Visual barriers, portable partitions, home use, and light purpose scenarios are just a few ways to use the Screenflex Light Duty Divider

Available in 3 and 5 panels, the Light Duty Divider is 6’5″ in height, is freestanding, and does not require installation.

To use the Light Duty Divider, walk the panels open to the desired configuration.

The casters effortlessly roll over varying surfaces.

The low profile end frame encases the fabric panels to provide a durable tackable surface to display materials.

To move or store the divider, fold the panels together compactly.

The Screenflex Light Duty Divider is perfect for home use, meeting spaces, schools, art galleries, and offices.